Every state has passed some questionable laws throughout history, but these three from Chicago, Illinois might top the list for being the weirdest.

Weird Illinois Laws

During my 43 years as a resident of Illinois, I've learned a lot of fascinating things about my home state. I've also learned a lot of tragic, maddening, and downright strange things about this state too.

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Whenever I'm on a quest to discover new things about Illinois I always fall down the rabbit hole of quirky things in Illinois history, and one of my favorite things to search for is stupid laws...

Did you know it's illegal to make funny faces at dogs in Normal, Illinois?

Did you know humming on the streets of Cicero, Illinois on Sundays is a big no-no?

Did you know it's illegal to PEE in your neighbor's mouth in Champaign, Illinois?

I think what fascinates me the most about stupid state laws is the fact that someone must have done these things in order for a law to be passed making it illegal. (Seriously, why would someone ever pee in their neighbor's mouth?!?)

If you thought there could never be an Illinois law more stupid than peeing in your neighbor's mouth, get a load of these three from Chicago...

Weirdest Laws in Chicago, Illinois

I recently stumbled upon an article from Only In Your State about weird Illinois laws, and it included several that I have never heard before. Not surprisingly, the weirdest ones on the list come straight out of Chicago.

1. It's illegal to give whiskey to a dog in Chicago.


It's a sad fact some people do weird things to and with dogs but are so many people serving whiskey to their pooches that they had to make it officially illegal?!?

2. It's illegal to eat inside a burning building in Chicago. 


Common sense tells us to run away from burning buildings, but apparently, people don't do that in Chicago.

3. It's illegal to fish while sitting on a giraffe's neck in Chicago.


This one seriously makes me laugh because someone must have done this before. Where did they get the giraffe and at what point did they look at the giraffe and think, "Dang, his neck looks like an ideal place to bait a hook!"? LOL!

Now that we're all judging and laughing about this Chicago ridiculousness, let me just say this; these three laws are old and most likely not still enforced by Chicago police, BUT, you better not fish on a giraffe's neck...just in case.

Ready for more ridiculous Illinois laws? Here ya go...

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