Neither the teams or half-time performers were the winners this weekend, locally speaking. The trophy goes to the Illinois State Police.

If you're a Lil Zim & JB in the Morning repeat offender you already know how much we love sharing ISP's Facebook posts, and this weekend's posts were nothing short of a Super Bowl victory. A few of their Facebook posts were centered around Super... bowls..., hot meals, and bed and breakfasts.

First, food and bed and breakfasts.

🏈The Super Bowl Dinner Special🏈
Available tomorrow (and tonight and the next day after that and the day after that) at the majority of our ‘bed and breakfasts’ should you decide to get behind the wheel while impaired.
No food preparation necessary and no reservations necessary.

Illinois State Police via Facebook

Now, the Super..... Bowl.

This Super Bowl is available for those who drive drunk, drive high, or drive impaired. We will transport those who are arrested for DUI to jail. There are no warnings for DUI. 🚽

Illinois State Police via Facebook

All jokes aside, Rockford has plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers, please use them anytime you plan on enjoying an adult beverage (or seven) when you're anywhere but home.

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