Last month a 24-year-old man from Wisconsin named Manuel Franco won a Powerball jackpot of $768 million dollars. Since winning, Franco has been forced to leave his home and stay in Illinois due to the amount of strangers approaching him in Wisconsin.

The amazing thing about Maunel Franco is, even though people and their sob stories were trying to bang down his door in Wisconsin, he hasn't abandoned his giving nature, he just took the giving across the state line.

A woman named Nicole Domitro was shopping at the Target in Franklin Park, IL on Mother's Day when she was approached by a young man who wanted to give her a gift. Of course she was hesitant to accept this stranger's gift, but it's her explanation of the encounter that gives me all the warm and fuzzies...

My favorite part of Nicole Domitro's story is what she says at the end;

So I’m sharing this because the world needs more Manuel Franco’s. We need to know that, even though the world is full of ugliness and hurt and pain and deceit - there are also those who are kind, and selfless, and good!
Sadly in this day and age we must all be extra cautious about the people we encounter in our daily lives, but I think it's extremely important that good people do still exist all over the place.
Thank you for reminding us of this, Nicole Domitro and Manuel Franco. We sure did need it.
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