It's no surprise that a short drive down I-90 during spring break will lead you straight into college kids galore but would you have guessed it's one of top spring break destinations?, a serious website that studies addictions, used Instagram to learn where students were spending spring break, how often they were mentioning alcohol and more.

To find out, we turned to Instagram. Tracking more than 800,000 Instagram posts tagged #springbreak, we’ve uncovered the most popular party spots in the nation and worldwide. Additionally, we analyzed how these users talked about alcohol, and which locations produced the most posts about liquor.

Nope, this Illinois city did not top the link of drunkest cities in the U.S. during spring break, but Chicago is one of the top destinations for college students during their big break. Is it the shopping? Is it the bean? Why is it Chi-town so popular? At #8, it's the only Midwest city that made the list. Here's ProjectKnow's answer:

Not all top spring break destinations were known mostly for partying, however: Some students seemed to use the gap between classes to tour major cities. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago all ranked among the top 10 spring break places, proving there are Instagram-worthy alternatives to being beachside.

Side note: the most popular alcoholic beverage consumed during spring break is beer. Learn more drinking-related spring break studies here.

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