If you are turning 21 this year, you are in for a treat!

Natural Light is helping you start a new, drunk chapter in your life with a pretty sweet deal. The beer company has announced it is giving away a free case of Natty Light to anyone who turns 21 in 2020.

For you, or the person you know turning 21 to even get free Natty Lights, the birthday boy or girl needs to purchase a case of Natty Lights. Pretty easy since they are now 21! Then, they must be sober enough to keep their receipt, or UPC code. Finally, they need to submit either of those 2 things to 'My Beer Rebate.'

[via WQAD]

If you live in the Midwest and are turning 21 this year, you could be getting some cheap beer. Don't forget, Busch Beer is taking $1 off it's products for every inch of snow that falls in Iowa this winter. Remember to drink responsibly.

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