So let me start by saying I am a true animal lover. At the house we have three miniature Chihuahuas and a Dachshund. Two years ago, my mother's dog got out and we were never able to find her. It was devastating to say the least because my mother had passed away a year before that. We looked up and down, all over town looking for her but we never found her. It was heartbreaking. I hoped that maybe someone had found her and just kept her. If they only knew the pain we felt from losing her.

A new bill is being considered at the Illinois State House that states if you find a stray dog, you need to bring it to the police or an animal shelter within 48 hours or you could face a fine from $50 to $500 according to To a lot of people their pet is an extension of their family and I really feel the same way about my little four legged friends. The bill is hoping to help speed up a missing dogs return if they are chipped.

I understand that some are a little weary of this bill, Some people that want to try to do the right thing might be scared to for fear of a fine. On the other hand, this might keep people from finding other people's dogs and just keeping them.


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