UPDATED: June 13, 2024 at 12:03 pm

A list of stores that JCPenny had posted on their website showing that dozens of stores would close this July has been removed from the company website.

After checking the status of the JCPenny stores posted on the list from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa that had been slated to close in July have already closed permanently.

Stores in Alabama and Texas that are currently open will be shut down by the end of September, according to AL.com.

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Another iconic department store that has been around since 1902 has just announced it will close stores across the country by the end of next month.

How Many National Chains Have Closed Stores in the Past Year?

The list of national chains that are gone forever continues to rise, from Bed Bath and Beyond shutting down, to the recent announcement of Red Lobster closing locations.

Now we've gotten a list of locations where another one of the most iconic department stores will shut their doors forever.

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According to a report from AL.com, this popular department store had over 1100 locations just 12 years ago, now there are just over 600 left in the U.S.

Closing Dates for Department Store Chain Have Been Set


The first store opened in Kemmerer, Wyoming in April of 1902, and by the end of this year, nearly all of their locations could be closed.

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JCPenny posted the locations they will be closing on July 31, and there are several from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa that are on the list.

JCPenny Closing Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa Stores on July 31:

  • Canton, Illinois
  • Effingham, Illinois
  • Macomb, Illinois
  • Peru, Illinois
  • Sterling, Illinois
  • Woodridge, Illinois
  • Decorah, Iowa
  • Oskaloosa, Iowa
  • Ottumwa, Iowa
  • Marinette, Wisconsin
  • Marshfield, Wisconsin
  • Richland Center, Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Only the locations in Bloomington, Illinois, and Fort Dodge, Iowa will have later closing dates. Both those stores will close on September 17, according to the JCPenny website.

To see the entire list of JCPenny stores nationwide closing down, CLICK HERE.

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