We husbands are pros at escaping housework and not coming across as lazy. Here are the top 12 excuses men give for not doing housework.


We men have the ability to ignore mess. It's just the way we are wired. When confronted, we men are also experts in deflection.

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According to iDIVA.com, here are the top 12 excuses men use that seem to work in getting out of housework. I have tried and these are tested to be true.

What dirt?

I am getting a call from my boss.

You asked me to do it? When??

I wanted to do it but I couldn't find the broom.

Why don't you tell the maid to do it? We pay her enough.

I keep the clothes there for a reason. Leave them alone.

Why do we need to clean the fridge every six months?

The house is completely fine. Come let's watch the game.

I think my stomach is upset again.

I think you should do it because I won't do as good a job as you.

I like the messy look; our home needs to look lived in.

Okay I'll do it. (And then we NEVER get to it)


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