For its final horse race ever, how will this Illinois track celebrate?

Fan Of Wagering On Horse Races

I was just thinking about this fact about myself and it is kind of humorous. I enjoy betting on horse racing but I have never been to an actual race in person. I have only participated at an off-track betting location.

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I am not super serious about it. I just like to bet for fun. I usually pick my horses by their name. It is entertaining to go with some friends. I do not lose or win a lot. In fact, I went a couple of weeks ago and won $25. That was a big win for me.

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Attending the Kentucky Derby has been on my bucket list for a while. Hopefully, I can get there someday. I have always heard good things about Arlington Park Race Track and thought I would enjoy checking it out. The only problem, if I do not go this Saturday, it is never going to happen.


Iconic Horse Racing Track In Illinois To Host Final Race

It does not matter if you are a big horse racing fan or not, if you have lived in Illinois over the last several years, you have heard of Arlington Park Race Track. The place is legendary. That is why, when the owners announced this year would be the final season, many residents were very sad.

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How Will Arlington Park Race Track Celebrate Its Last Race Ever

According to,

"Crossing the Finish Line on September 25th: Join us for live racing and an evening fireworks display as we celebrate Closing Day!"

I would not expect anything less. Of course, there will be lots of exciting horse racing action. Then for the grand finale, some amazing fireworks to cap off the long history of the iconic track. That seems like a fitting goodbye.

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If you want to get one final visit into Arlington Park or maybe your first, this Saturday is your very last chance. For more information, HERE.

Photo From Arlington Park Race Track YouTube Channel

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