I have never been a garage/yard sale kind of girl, that is until I had a child and realized I am not rich, and she out grows a lot of stuff very quick. Getting great deals on kids clothes, toys, and other necessities at a garage sale is like hitting the jackpot, but you know what sounds even better? Getting all these things for free!

I recently just read about an ingenious idea: A kids' clothes swap party, or otherwise known as "A Parent Swap."

Basically, parents gather up all the stuff their children have outgrown and bring it to a designated party location where they will then trade or "swap" it for other things their kids can actually use.

To organize a swap party you need to:

  • Have a parent willing to organize and host a party in their home
  • Decide what kind of party you want to have: Adults only? Moms only? Evening party atmosphere? Early morning brunch?
  • Designate how the swap will take place. Ideas include setting up separate designated areas for "shopping", and giving parents a ticket for each item they bring along that will then be used to claim an equal number of swapped items.
  • Donate all leftover items to charity
  • Get some snacks, music, and have some fun!

I don't know about you, but having cocktails with all my parent friends, shopping, and going home with new goodies for baby girl without opening my wallet sounds pretty awesome to me!

Have you even been to a party like this? What else do we need to know to have one? I would love to hear your thoughts!