Admittedly I am a holiday decorating junkie, but my efforts are always sub-par when it comes to Thanksgiving. It's not because I dislike Thanksgiving, it's just that in my opinion, there just aren't as many cute Thanksgiving decorations to buy as there are for other holidays. So, if I can't buy any I like, I might as well make them, right?

This glitter falling leaves garland was so stinking easy (and cheap!) to make, and would go great anywhere in your home. Along a fireplace mantle, on a wall maybe heading down a staircase, or along your front window like I chose to do with mine.



I like how this turned out so much, I will be putting it up right at the start of Fall each year so I can stare at it right up until Santa Claus takes it spot. In fact, I'll probably make more for other spots in my home!


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