Most of us do some traveling over the holidays, and the thieves know it. Here are some of the top things thieves look for when scoping out a home to rob, and how you can keep it safe while you're away.

It doesn't necessarily take an expensive security system to keep you home safe while you're gone. Sure, it helps, but there are simple things you can do on the outside and in to make it look like someone is always home.

  • Move your car out of the garage and park it in the driveway instead.
  • NEVER post you're leaving on vacation on social media. 
  • Make sure your garbage cans are secured. Garbage strewn all over your yard for days is a real burglar beacon.
  • NEVER place a key under your mat, it's the first place robbers look.
  • Ask a neighbor to get your mail and occasionally park their car in your driveway.
  • Leave a radio or TV on. A quiet house is an easily targeted one. 
  • If you have a home phone, shut off the ringer. 
  • If you'll be gone for an extended amount of time, consider calling police to see if they would be willing to check on your home at some point if they're in the area. 

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