Take "Shop Local" to a whole new level this Thanksgiving with these tips that should get you on your way to an All-Rockford Thanksgiving. It'll may take a couple a stops throughout town but in the end you'll be glad you did.Pick up that turkey from Pinnon's on N. Court Street. We all know they've got the best meat in town.


Make your own Stuffing with potato chips from Mrs. Fishers or Old Salty's. Never tried stuffing make from chips? You're missing out! Check out this recipe. But save some of the chips, you'll need them for another treat.


These next few Rockford Thanksgiving items you should be able to pick up from Choice's Natural Market.


Grandma's Green Bean Casserole. If you lost Grandma's recipe you can use this one.


A cheeseball made with potato chips from Mrs. Fishers. You're probably not going to find those chips at Choice, but you can get them practically everywhere else. Here's the recipe for this amazing snack.


Need some veggies, right? You're guaranteed to find fresh organic vegetables from Choice's Natural Market.


You can also make your own Cranberry sauce by picking up some fresh Cranberries at Choice's, too. Here's a recipe for that.


You might need extra virgin oils, herbs, spices, seasoning blends, peppercorns, sea salts and sugars, spices, or utensils, so plan plan a stop at The Olive Experience and Spice Galleria.


Don't forget about sweet potato casserole. Check out this recipe.


If you want to skip baking your own desserts, pick up an apple and pumpkin pie from Mary’s Market.


Grab some candy from Sugar Britches Old Fashioned Candy. Set it in a dish and set it on an end table.


Wait, there's more. Here are some non-dinner Rockford Thanksgiving necessities.

Make sure you have enough coffee for family and friends for the morning, afternoon, and evening. Pop by Meg's Daily Grind and get some fresh coffee grounds!


How about a pleasant smell if the aroma of all the food doesn’t go to every room? - Candle Crest on 20th Street has some great soy candles. A great holiday favorite is Cinnamon Pinecones. Check 'em out!


Some festival music for smooth jazz always makes for great background noise. Maybe swing by Culture Shock on Charles Street for some new music on vinyl. Better yet, how about some music from Cheap Trick while preparing for your feast? Here's their website. (Tell 'em we said hi.)


Finally, pick up a book for everyone in the family from The Bee's Knees General store in downtown Rockford. They've got some used and vintage books for adult and kids, too. Check out their website.


If you can add to this list, please do so in a comment. Enjoy your All-Rockford themed Thanksgiving!


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