Snickers recently did a study on to see which state was, in fact, the 'hangriest'.

According to the published study in the NY Post, Snickers took "a poll of 5,000 Americans across all 50 states".... the results found that "72 percent of New York respondents admitted they get angry or “in a mood” when hungry – the highest percentage of any state."

"California and Florida tied for second place in the hangry chart, along with Utah, just ahead of West Virginia and Kansas."

So where did Illinois or our neighbors to the North in Wisconsin fall in the 'hanger' chart?

Well, evidently Illinoisans and Wisconsinites we are "pretty chill" when it comes to hunger. We "are the best at controlling [our] mood when the need to feed hits home – emerging as the least hangry state(s) in the union."

Don't believe me?

See the Snickers “Hungerithm" chart for yourself.

Snickers Hungerithm via SWNS; NYPost
Snickers Hungerithm via SWNS; NYPost


Other facts they found in the study is that the peak 'hangry" time is 2:15 PM on Mondays. That women tend to be more 'hangrier' than men and that when men are 'hangry', they've done something they've later regretted doing.

Wow! that's not good.

To read more about the study, click here.

Well, one thing is for sure no one likes to be 'hangry'.

The worst 'hangry' is when you come home from work and have no idea what you're going to eat but you're HUNGRY.

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