After months and months of wedding planning, all goes down the drain in a split second for this bride.

The Groom, Joe Cox, planned the cruelest prank. After dating for six years, the big wedding day finally arrived

Cox told Buzzfeed that thought of the prank he and his future wife were selecting their wedding cake:

I liked the first one so she chose the second one, So I thought ‘I’ll put my own twist on it whilst working away and have time on my hands.

Cox hired a company of singing waiters to help pull off the prank.

Watch the video as one waiters brings out the wedding cake while another waiter angrily pushes him. This causes the multi-tiered cake to fall to the floor.

Initially, the bride was horrified along with most of the wedding guests. Shortly after, she found out it was all a prank and the real wedding cake was just fine. The bride laughed it off.


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