Hey, it's fall, so Snickers decided to bust out a new candy bar. The only problem, you won't see it in Rockford or anywhere else for that matter.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, it's the new Snickers Pecan! I guess you can ditch the boring pecan pie this year, and just replace with a dish of Snickers Pecan.

The idea for this particular bar came from fans, with the company asking customers what nut they would like to see next. Lo and behold, pecans won, beating out cashews, pistachios and macadamia nuts.

As fun as that sounds, you won't find the new Snickers Pecan in Rockford stores, as they could only be purchased online.

However, if you had hoped you could buy a bar or two or a box of the brand new Snickers Pecan, think again because they're completely sold out.

According to the official Snickers website, "Unfortunately, we're all out of Snickers Pecan right now." The website does allow you to pop in your email address if you'd like to be notified if and or when they restock.

If you need the Snickers Pecan in your life this fall, you can buy a single bar for $19.99(!) or an entire box for as "low" as $100 on eBay. Keep in mind, that's just an auction listing. Most of the "Buy it Now" options have boxes of Snickers Pecan going anywhere between $175 and $299. That's a good chunk of change for a candy bar.

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