Remember the infamous dress that swept the internet back in February that made you think you were color blind or that your eyesight was terrible? Worry no more, because there's a cool vision test you can take that doesn't require a trip to the eye doctor.

ASAP Science, a YouTube channel that delivers "your weekly dose of fun and interesting science," created a super cool hybrid image of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein meant to test your eyesight.

Basically, the Marilyn Monroe image is has low spatial frequency, while the Albert Einstein image has high spatial frequency. What this means is that the Monroe image is more visible from far away, while Einstein is most visible up close. Or at least that's the way it should work.

Take the vision test here, and if you can't spot Einstein, you may want to call the eye doc for a new pair of spectacles.



Whew....I saw Einstein. Yippee! I don't need glasses...yet.