Being a transplant from the south I have never really seen a real winter besides just a little ice and about an inch of snow, but I know I will definitely see a real winter this year in Rockford. I am excited to build my first Snowman with the kids, find an awesome hill to sled down or even try my luck at ice skating. When I say things like that people look at me and giggle a bit and I am sure I wont be laughing when the real cold hits.


I did some research on the coldest day and Rockford and I am not going to lie, it was a bit scary. On January 20th 1985 with the wind chill was negative 72. Negative 72! I really hope that was a typo. I think it's time to upgrade our coats and jackets because I'm sure our old trusty hoodies just can't handle the job. I'm seeing Down jackets in my family's future.


The one thing I look forward to is a Christmas that actually feels like Christmas. Real snow, perfect weather for hot chocolate and a good ole snowball fight. Only time will tell how cold it will actually get this year but I do know this, Winter is coming Rockford.

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