For a short time I felt special, like there was a real connection, then it came to an abrupt end. What seemed like a real friendship was probably a mere mistake, and now I'm crushed.

It was late Monday morning when I received a Twitter notification that changed everything. I checked it and thought "this is it." I knew things would be different when the TV show created by and starring one my favorite actresses had followed me on Twitter.

JB Love, Townsquare Media

If you don't know me personally you might not know I am a superfan of The Office which Mindy Kaling was a part of. She directed, starred, and wrote for the funniest show on television before The Mindy Project. As you can imagine I was pretty stoked to see the show's official Twitter account was following me.

If I played my cards right soon enough Mindy Kaling would follow me on Twitter, our friendship would blossom, and my wife and I would be having game nights with her on/off boyfriend B.J. Novak - also a part of The Office and The Mindy Project.

Soon enough there would come a reality check. It was just a matter of hours bragging before I would learn how things really are. While proving to a coworker that I wasn't lying about the super awesome follow I became crushed. I was unfollowed by the TV show.

JB Love, Townsquare Media

Why did this happen? Is it something I did? Is it the clothes I wear? I subscribe to Hulu Plus... I don't get it.

Truth be told my wife has watched more of The Mindy Project than I have. I guess I can't be too upset. It was fun while it lasted, but still too short.


Does anyone famous follow you on Twitter? Tell me about it.