I'll admit, I'm the guy, who insists on NOT parking close to an entrance of a bar, and you shouldn't either.

To the dude who parked his fiery red expensive sports car in front of a downtown Rockford bar on Wednesday night, be glad, you got lucky your car was not damaged by this alleged drunk who was captured on video in downtown Rockford making a scene, throwing outside patio tables along the sidewalk next to the street, right next to your car.

As someone who has spent years working in establishments, mainly as a DJ, I've seen it all from bad dancing, to people throwing things, to loud 'in your face' arguments, fights and more. What usually eventually happens is the trouble maker is 'escorted' out of the bar by security, from there, trouble spills out to the sidewalk in front of the bar. You don't want your car or truck to potentially be damaged.

We don't know what let up to the situation captured in the video, or the condition of the man seen stumbling and pushing sidewalk tables around, but we hope he got some help.

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