Spooky season or not, I don't think I love knowing that Illinois is the 4th most popular state for serial killers... and apparently your Zodiac sign can predict the killers, too? 

Serial Killers are no joke but it is kind of interesting to read about the propensity of someone to become a serial killer solely based on the day that they're born.

I'm positive there's more than just a birth date to signify a serial killer, but it is something we can dive into as we get ready for Halloween.

According to a study published at Astrology Zodiac Signs, there are four zodiac signs that pop up most often when it comes to who might become a serial killer: Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio.

I'm pretty pleased to find myself NOT on the list for that one, as an Aries I'm third to las on the serial killer list, despite the fact that we are a very fire-y bunch.

Ironically the water signs are most commonly the killers, who knew?

Illinois is a pretty popular place for serial killers, regardless of their sun sign, our state has had 629 serial killers, which puts us in 4th place in the entire county.

That is a bit of an extra scary fact.

No wonder I have creepy dreams and can't sleep with the windows open. Happy Halloween?

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