Obviously, from the photos I've chosen to accompany this piece, you can tell that Illinoisans are a well-rested, solid-eight-hours-of-shut-eye-every-night bunch of people, right?

Not even close, unfortunately.

Looking at the numbers, it seems like we could all use some caffeine to help perk us up after a short night of sleeping.

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The dog only got 14 hours. (Getty Images)
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A Survey Of Nearly 4000 Americans Across 47 States Took A Look At Who Gets The Best And Worst Sleep In The Country

Aeris.irobot.com wanted to know from respondents to their survey "how many hours of sleep they get per night on average and to rate the quality of that sleep. Additionally, we asked questions about air quality while they’re sleeping, preferred sleeping positions, sleepwalking/talking, and other odd sleeping habits."

Those of us in Illinois aren't getting the absolute worst sleep in the country, but we're in the top ten states who get the worst. Only 2 Midwestern states make the top ten states getting the best sleep list; Iowa is #2 in the country, and Indiana is #7.

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"Don't worry, I'll wake up if I hit anything." (Getty Images)
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Feel cute lying here. Might get up later. IDK. (Getty Images)

The Best Sleepers In The U.S. Live In Virginia, The Worst Are In Oklahoma

Air quality, sleep positions, sleepwalking and/or talking aside, let's just look at the numbers that most of us use when determining if we had a good night's sleep--the total hours of sleep.

  • Most hours slept per night in the U.S. goes to Utah, with 7.82 hours of sleep on average.
  • Least hours slept per night: Hawaii, with 6.55 hours on average.
  • Here in Illinois, we average out at 6.92 hours of sleep, which, you'll be delighted to know, is less than every other state in the Midwest.
  • Wisconsin gets the most sleep in the Midwest with an average of 7.57 hours.

Click here to read over Aeris.irobot.com's full piece on the states that get the best and worst sleep.

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