Did you play along this past week and missed an answer to one of my Q98.5 Afternoon Mindbender questions? You can find all the answers for the past week’s trivia questions here.

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Q98.5 AFTERNOON MINDENDER QUESTIONS (week of 11/30-12/04)

Monday's Question: Cyber Monday was created in 2004, the people behind the idea wanted you to do your on-line shopping at work, why?

Answer: Your boss had high speed internet at work (and you didn’t)

Winner: Tony from Polo

Tuesday's Question: Each year, 7,500 people are injured while doing THIS.
Answer: Putting up Christmas Decorations

Winner: Brandon from Shannon, IL

Wednesday’s Question: The Average age you first notice this when you look into the mirror is 39, what is it?

Answer: Grey hairs

Winner: Caleb from South Beloit

Thursday’s Question: The average one of these in a shopping mall weighs 222 pounds.

Answer: A Mall Santa

Winner: Ben from Rockford

Friday’s Question: (12 hours of Salvation Toy drive/ No question today...thank you to everyone who stopped by and made a toy or cash donation)

Congratulations to all our winners!