Did you play along this past week and missed an answer to one of my Q98.5 Afternoon Mindbender questions? You can find all the answers for the past week’s trivia questions here.

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Monday's Question: 20% of us have this in our glove compartment right now. What is it?
Answer : Tooth Paste

Winner: Brian from Leaf River

Tuesday's Question: The average man has 11 of these, while the average woman has only 5. What are they?

Answer: Hats

Winner: Jake from Rockford

Wednesday’s Question: A survey asked grown-ups "What's the number one thing you remember arguing with your siblings about as kids?"

Answer: Who Gets to ride Shotgun

Winner: Ben from Rockford

Thursday’s Question: The average person lives 18 miles away from this. What is it?

Answer: Their Mom

Winner: Anne from Harmon

Friday’s Question: Over 35,000 people per year go the ER after being bitten by this. What Is it?

Answer: Other people

Winner: Laurie from Winnebago

Congratulations to all our winners!