Were you awake enough this week to play along with us?

If you happen to miss any of the Morning Perk questions this week, here they are along with the answers and the lucky contestants who won.

Don’t forget, we play each weekday morning around 6:40.

Wake Up Crew Morning Perk Trivia (Week of 9/19-23)

Monday: 48% of consumers spend an average of $18 on this each week. What is it?

Answer: Coffee

Winner: Abby of Rockford

Tuesday: According to Instagram, this is the most photographed food in America. What is it?

Answer: Pizza

Winner: Greg of Rockford

Wednesday: According to a new PayPal survey, the average American is willing to wait four minutes for this--and not a second longer. What is it?

Answer: A cup of coffee

Winner: Crystal of Belvidere

Thursday: According to a new USA today survery, two percent of AMerican women do this when they sleep. What is it?

Answer: Wear makeup

Winner: Becky from Bellville

Friday: According to a U.S. governement survey, one in five high school students haven't done this in the past month. What is it?

Answer: Drink milk.

Winner: Tanya of South Beloit