Getting a puppy from Santa was always my biggest wish as a child, but it's probably good that wish was never fulfilled because surprising someone with a pet as a gift isn't usually the best idea.

If it's a "surprise" gift that has been talked about previously and agreed to, then a new pet for Christmas is a grand idea. If it's a lets-buy-grandma-a-dog-because-she-needs-a-companion gift that Grandma really doesn't want to deal with, then it's a VERY bad idea, because that's how so many pets find themselves without a loving home following the holiday season.

Help Winnebago County Animal Services 'Empty The Shelter' This Week

If welcoming a new dog or cat into your family is your number one wish this Christmas, you need to stop by Winnebago County Animal Services this week. Here's why...

Winnebago County Animal Services participates in the Bissell Pet Foundation's Empty The Shelters event several times a year, but his 'Holiday Hope' event is one of the most important ones. Why? Because every animal wants a deserves a home for the holidays too!

Obviously, the goal of the Holiday Hope adoption event is to get every adoptable animal a home, but Winnebago County Animal Services still requires all potential adopters to fill out an application and have it approved before they can bring an animal home. (They still need to make sure each animal is going to a good, loving home).

The Holiday Hope adoption event started today and will run through this Saturday, December 11, 2021. If you want to get ahead of the adoption process, make sure you fill out the adoption application before you head to the shelter!

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