Arby's has a new fall flavored shake their debuting and I want to know "Has anyone seen this in Rockford yet?"

Chewboom found that Arby's is debuting this month a shake that is sure to satisfy their fans.

It's the new Cookie Butter Shake that will be coming out at participating locations.

Wait cookies and butter together! Hmmm, that's got my attention.

The Cookie Butter Shake is made up of their vanilla shake with cinnamon spice, cookie butter syrup and topped off with whipped cream and cookie pieces. Mmmm doesn't that sound so delicious?

The shake only comes in medium and large sizes and will be available for a limited time.

By the way if the shake doesn't trip your trigger Chewboom also said that Arby's is bringing back their Cinnamon Apple Crisp. It's made up of "spiced apples and warm vanilla cake topped with streusel, drizzled with caramel and finished with a whipped topping."

Oh wow! sounds tasty too... Actually you know what sounds even better. Putting the cookie butter shake on top of the cinnamon apple shake. BOOM! I just created a new item for them.

OK Arby's if you do this, I deserve some credit for the idea. Hahaha!




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