Although they deserve your sincere appreciation every single day, today is the day to shower your Administrative Professional with love. They deserve it! Just think what your work day would be like without them. Yikes!

Here are some fun things I found that will hopefully make every Administrative Professional smile. (and totally relate to.)

Some good advice for bosses from years back : How to make your Administrative Professional not hate you.

Lastly, a poem I found by Author Unknown:

You are:
The smiling face that greets
Whoever comes to call
And your hands type the letters
That go to one and all.

You are:
The one who answers the calls
That come throughout the day
And no matter what the problem
You know just what to say.

You are:
The one who brews the coffee
That makes the day go well
And what your kindness means
Words alone can't tell.

You are:
The one who is always busy
Making things go right
Though it seems we do not notice
As often as we might.

You are:
The spirit of the office
And well the load you carry
You are that extra special person
That we call Secretary!

Enjoy your day!