Well so much for cheap gas in Rockford.

Remember a few months ago when you were able to pay under $2.00 for a gallon of gas. Well, you can kiss that goodbye.

Gasbuddy.com has a blog that is giving us some really bad news. This is the time of year that refineries shut down so they can switch to a cleaner burning gasoline.

What does that mean for you, the driver? Higher gas prices of course. Last year, the price of gas in Illinois jumped ninety-two cents over a three month period. In fact, Illinois was the third highest state that had their gas prices jump. Only Michigan and Ohio saw higher price jumps.

Of course, there is more bad news. According to the article:

"Watch out for more gas price volatility in the Great Lakes and West Coast versus other areas,based on prior year outages at refineries in these areas. As a result, there may be temporary gas price spikes."

Hopefully the summer will bring some relief to the gas prices. For the time being, get ready to see all that money out of your wallet go away.




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