By now I'm sure you've heard about the massive fire that took place at Grand Bear Resort in Utica, Illinois this past Memorial Day.

Since then, more pictures of the destruction that the blaze left behind have emerged, and they are pretty sad to see...

All seven cabins that were destroyed in the fire were privately owned, and each cabin consisted of 4 separate units. That means the fire left 28 people/families displaced, and the one thing I'm sure most of them didn't think they would have to worry about was encountering a massive snake among the rubble!

Photo by Crissta Ames-Walle on Unsplash
Photo by Crissta Ames-Walle on Unsplash

Grand Bear Resort Tenants Warned to Beware of a Snake On The Loose

According to Starved Rock Media, Grand Bear Resort property owners received an email on Thursday warning them about the possibility of a ball python on the loose. The article says;

 one of the cabins burned down in Monday's fire had a 5 to 6 foot ball python in their basement. The message says while it seems improbable the snake survived the ordeal, an officer may have recently seen a large snake in a pond near where the cabin once stood.


What To Do If You See The Missing Python

If you have a trip planned to Grand Bear Resort or Starved Rock State Park soon, you need to be aware of this sneaky snake situation. Ball pythons are not venomous so they aren't really a threat to humans, but they can bite, so anyone that comes in contact with one should definitely proceed with caution. If you happen to come across a 6-foot-long python while hiking at Starved Rock, you should leave it alone and call local animal control immediately.

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