Imagine if this elderly woman was your mother or grandmother, lost and disoriented and wandering the neighborhood for hours. You would instantly have cause for great concern.

In Chicago, police discovered such a woman and went above and beyond their duties to help out and now the woman is safe, back at home and well fed due to a great act of kindness exhibited by two CPD officers.

Chicago police discovered a woman Chicago Police posted the story on their Facebook Page on Friday.

CPD Officers Haro and McDonald found an individual person near 95th and Halsted. When officers arrived they discovered an elderly woman pushing a walker who appeared to be lost and disoriented. Police believe she may have been wandering for hours.

Officials determined that she was non verbal and appeared to have extreme difficulty communicating. The police found a way to communicate with the woman by using a pen and paper. According to police:

 It was determined that the woman lived a couple of blocks away and Officers Haro and McDonald walked with her as she walked down the street to her residence. Upon escorting her into the residence, the officers discovered that the woman lived by herself and had very little food in her house. Without missing a beat, both officers returned to the car and went to Jewel to buy groceries for the woman. The officers returned to her house and stocked the refrigerator and cabinets with food.... paid for out of their own pockets. They were thanked with tears and a hug and went on their way to their next job.

This truly a testament to what good public servants do and we salute the CPD for this act of heroism. A win for the good guys!