Coming on the heels of Memorial Day I thought this was a really cool story.

A lost purple heart medal was found and returned to a family who thought they'd never see it again.

In this WREX news story, the family of William Brewer are very grateful to Ottowa resident, Kane Farabaugh, as he found and returned the Purple Heart Medal that William recieved for his valiant efforts in W.W.II.

William fought in the Philippines, was wounded and captured by the Japanese and served as a Prisoner of War for many years, before returning to the states where he died in 1950. The medal, along with other keepsakes, had been stored in a trunk in a storage locker that was lost.

Kane Farabaugh found the medal on a Canadian awards site, purchased it and returned it to the rightful owners (Brewer's daughter, Mary Jo Farrell of Johnsburg, and her daughter, Meg Skelly of Ottawa) on Memorial Day.

Wow! What a way to bring closure to a family and help them remember the father and grandfather on this important holiday we celebrated.

I love feel good stories like that. Kane Farabaugh was definitely a good deed doer to the brewer family.

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