Every few weeks there seems to be chaos on the streets of Chicago because of a "teen trend," and this past weekend there was another incident that got out of control.

Arrests Made After Looting and Chaos in South Loop

Several videos have surfaced showing hundreds of teenagers shutting down Roosevelt Road near Canal Street while police attempt to push the crowd back, and then begin making arrests.

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Producer of Chitown Crime Chasers is heard on the live video saying that the Chicago Police were arresting several of the teens and are "locking them up yall I'm telling you, they're not playing no more."

Earlier in the evening, hundreds of teens are seen gathered in a large shopping center parking lot before beginning to walk towards the South Loop.

In the video, local community leaders are pleading for the parents of these kids to come to pick them up before the Chicago Police do, but the large group continues to make their way across busy streets even when signs say DO NOT WALK.

The most shocking video is from a 7-11 convenience store that was overrun by a crowd of teens who looted the store, littering stolen items across the parking lot and emptying a fire extinguisher.

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