Three cheers for the Rockford Icehogs after they shined some love on the women who help run their organization on National Girls and Women in Sports Day. 

While I may not be the best athlete around, most of my 34 years have included some athleticism.

From the time I was in kindergarten I was playing softball and trying my best to follow in my brothers' sporty footsteps.

While I somehow missed toddler soccer (my parents probably knew I wouldn't be good at running until my 30s), I played softball for almost a decade and a half, I played volleyball and I played basketball for the better half of my childhood, too. I loved being a part of a team and getting my head in the game, so much so that I even played in an intramural softball league this past summer.

So when a holiday like this rolls around, I'm excited to shine some light on it - today is National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

I loved seeing this pop up in my Facebook news feed from the Rockford Icehogs.

At first, I did a double take, are there any female Icehogs on the team?

It almost made me more proud to realize that no, there are not, but there are a TON of women who help that team succeed on and off the ice every day.

Congrats to the Icehogs for sharing this post and keep it up, ladies!

Photos From Rockford IceHogs Last Home Game For 2021 Season

Photo From Rockford IceHogs Last Home Game For 2021 Season

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