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The story of "Resurrection Mary" is one that still haunts this Chicago are town, street and cemetery. Resurrection Cemetery in the spot on this headstone, and the spot where Mary's presence can be felt. Here's how the story goes:

Mary was dancing at the "O Henry Ballroom" and at some point she got into and argument and left the dance club in a hurry. Instead of waiting for her date, she decided to walk even though it was winter and very cold out. As Mary walked up Archer Ave. she was struck and killed by a car, the driver fled...

As the years have gone on there has been sightings of a female ghost walking up Archer Ave. lots and lots of sightings. Even creepier is the stories of men leaving local bars and clubs with a woman named Mary, only to have her vanish while still in the car. There have been quite a few of these stories, but they are all VERY similar.  ChicagoHauntings

What adds to this story, that originally began in the 1930's in a spot near by called "Chet's Melody Lounge." There have been Mary sightings, there's a song called Resurrection Mary on the jukebox and the bartender pours a Bloody Mary and leaves it at the end of the bar, every night. Not creepy at all.

Here's a video I found telling the story a little better, with a ghost hunter standing in the cemetery asking if Mary was there, she says "yes." What in the actual hell. Enjoy!

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