How would you like to get yourself some yummy lunch on someone else's dime?

You can with the "Q98.5 Lunch Special" each weekday with me, Susan Tyler.

Here's how it works.

First download the free Q98.5 mobile app.

(If you haven't already, click here.)

Then be watching for the alert at 10AM weekday mornings (Monday - Friday)  telling you what the "Lunch Special" song is and when to be listening for it during the Noon hour (12:00PM - 1:00PM) with me.

When you hear the "Lunch Special" song play, be caller number 9 to win yourself a $20 gift card from our friends at Oscar's Pub or Grill or Jax Pub.

It's that simple and easy. Not to mention tasty too!

Download our app today and be ready to win some tasty lunch for yourself with Q98.5's Lunch Special!


To learn more about the daily specials Oscar's Pub and Grill has to offer click here.

To see what yummy meals Jax has daily, click here.



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