Going back to school means more screen time and sitting for your kids, but for the next few weeks, you can send them flying across Rockford.

Sure the world is nowhere back to normal, but, we are getting closer and closer each time a local business reopens their doors and that includes Zip Rockford.

Zip posted earlier this week on Facebook that they will be open for the next few weekends giving your kids a chance to fly around zip lining at Alpine Hills Park.

I'm so super afraid of something like this, but I will tell you I blame my parents for never really making me do something that scared me like zip lining.

In their defense, I'm the youngest of four and they never made me eat broccoli either.

Ironically I am now eating broccoli without anyone forcing me... but that's a story for a different day.

Zip Rockford is located at 4402 Larson Ave, and you can book the reservation for your family to zip line by calling them at 815-397-6185.

If you happen to go, please send us a photo! We would always look to see all the fun you're having, just send it to us through the app. Have fun!

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