I know it's always a joke in college that some are majoring in beer.

No joke, this isn't B.S., you really can get your B.S. degree in brewing.

Southern Illinois University (SIU) is offering a degree in "fermentation science to train future brewers, distillers and vintners", according to ABC7 Chicago.

The reasoning for offering this new degree is due to the popular growth of craft brewing and beers.

The SIU will start offering the new Bachelor of Science Degree program this summer.

If you are interesting in becoming a brewing specialist, just know the courses will be heavily involved in the sciences of fermentation, including "chemistry, plant biology, microbiology and agricultural sciences."

Wow! That is quiet interesting. I mean it makes sense with the explosion of craft beers and brewers you see popping up everywhere.

What I find the funniest of this story, is that this degree is being offered at the university, that when I was in college, was know as "The Party School". Now "the party school" is offering a degree program in beer brewing.