I truly believe a home isn't complete without a furry best friend to cuddle with, and if you're the lucky family who gets to bring Axel and Malikai home today, you will be blessed with not only double the fun, but double the cuteness as well!

Amber Pinnon, Adoption and Volunteer Program Coordinator for Winnebago County Animal Services had this to say about these two adorable besties;

Are you looking for two more snugglers to add to your home? Then look no further! This is Axel and Malikai. They were surrendered to WCAS when their owners were not allowed to have cats where they lived. But now, Axel and Malikai are in search of their forever home again! Both of these beautiful cats still have so much love to give.

Axel and Malikai are part of a bonded pair! This means they are looking to stay together forever. Axel (the long haired black cat) helps give confidence to Mailakai (the younger brown tabby.)

Winnebago County Animal Services staff believe Axel is about 4 years old, and that Malikai is about 7 months old. Since Malikai is still a kitten, his adoption fee is $85, while Axel's is $40. Before you fill out an adoption application for these handsome boys, please remember they must go to their forever home together. Nobody wants to be separated from their best friend, and these boys are no exception! To fill out an adoption application for Axel and Malikai, please go to wcasrock.org, and make sure you include their ID#'s A434763 (Axel) and A434764 (Malikai) on the application.

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