It's been back and forth, on again and off again, in deciding if George Lucas will be allowed to build his museum in Chicago by Soldier Field.

Finally, he's received the OK. All systems are go.

NBC reports that the Chicago City Council voted "to approve the zoning proposal for the 300,000-square-foot Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which will be located near Soldier Field."

The winning factor was that Mr. Lucas  promised Chicago Bears fans more parking spots.

Previously the reason for putting the kibosh on the museum is that it was thought that the museum being next to Soldier Field would eat up parking spaces and leave fans scrambling for spots or parking farther away to get to the games.

The zoning approval specifically states that with the building of the museum that "more parking and tailgating spots will be provided for Chicago Bears fans, as well as public green space along Lake Michigan."

The museum is scheduled to open in 2019 barring no other complications or issues arise.  And if you're wondering if there will be "Star Wars" other memorabilia from Lucas' movies there will be. Including: artwork, sets, and props from his films.



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