No joke! Last Friday, one Stateline gas station was charging $11,560.80 for a gallon of gas.

If there was ever a reason to print out your gas receipt when you pay at the pump, this is it. Stateline resident Jess Haley made a stop in Belvidere at the new Speedway gas station on the East side of town, and discovered a whopper of a charge when she paid at the pump.

Last Friday, after pumping just over 2/3 of a gallon, she noticed the insane price of $7,757.30 on the pump and immediately stopped pumping. She then printed out the receipt, that showed her liable for a credit card charge of $757.36. Even though the pump price registered at $7,757.30, her receipt showed her credit card being charged for $757.36. That still amounted to $1,128.70 a gallon for gas, that was supposed to be $1.939 a gallon.

One Stateline Gas Station Was Caught Selling Gas For $11,560.80 a Gallon
Jess haley

Belvidere, as of late, has been the hot spot for having gas prices below $2.00 a gallon. As result, a lot of people are flocking to the city of murals to save between 40 and 50 cents a gallon on gas, compared to rates charged in Rockford.

To make matters worse, Jess was told be the clerk at the Speedway that there was nothing that could be done about this and that Jess there was nothing they could do and that Jess would have have to "call corporate."

I spoke with Jess's husband, TJ,  about the incident, and he told me they were forced to cancel the credit card and were very upset by the fact that no one would do anything to solve the matter. The good news is the matter was finally corrected and the charge was removed, after repeated phone calls to corporate.

Three important lessons from this incident:

  • Always bring your cell phone to take photos
  • Pay attention to what is showing up on the pump
  • Print out your receipt

The issue of at the Belvidere Speedway gas station has since been resolved.

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