Hooray, I found gas under $2.00 a gallon!

(Updated 6/26/17 at 5:55pm, prices dropped again, yippie!)

It has been a while, in fact, we haven't seen gas prices this low since last fall in the Stateline.

Late Wednesday night, as I was traveling home, I decided to make a detour through Belvidere and to my delight, I noticed gas under $2.00 a gallon on the east end of town, near the Belivdere Walmart. The BP on Genoa Rd and Logan Ave was selling gas for $1.95 a gallon. I had to do a double take. When I left Rockford, most of the State Street gas stations were selling gas for $2.39 a gallon.

I don't get how or why the same gasoline can be 44 cents a gallon cheaper 5 minutes down the road. Whats wrong with Rockford?

Now, I'm not suggesting going out of your way to save 44 cents a gallon, but do the math. If you have a 25 gallon tank and your running on fumes and fill up, that comes to a savings of $11 on a single fill up, so it might be worth your time.

Here are 2 Towns Where You Can Fill up for Under $2.00 a gallon (as of 6/26/17)

Belvidere: BP at Logan and Genoa Rd $1.84/gallon (as of 6/26/17)

Dixon: Murphy USA on Galena Ave $1.79/gallon (as of 6/26/17)

(Source: Gas Buddy)

Now, keep in mind gas prices have a way of changing on a moments notice. Be careful, some gas stations on their signs offer cheap priced gas, but often require a car wash to get the extra savings. The gas stations mentioned above, do NOT require a car wash.

My advice, download the free Gas Buddy App to stay up to date with the ever changing gas prices.

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