All of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin will see a spike of 10 to 30 cents per gallon of gas. Here's the explanation why..


The reason we all will start paying more at the pumps, in the days ahead, is becuase of maintenance and unplanned repairs to 12 refineries in the Midwest. The work on these refineries will last weeks depending on the refinery. Because of this, prices will go up and the fall again as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Cameron Spencer, Getty Images
Cameron Spencer, Getty Images

According to WIFR TV 23, Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for states “The fact of the matter is the nation’s refineries aren’t getting any younger. With falling gasoline demand, refiners tend to use these situations to perform maintenance. In some cases they’ve been working on resolving unplanned issues. Currently some of the region’s largest contributors to gasoline supply are seeing some of their capacity temporarily reduced as they carry out this work.”

Looks like there are three of the refineries undergoing work are in Illinois, another three in Ohio, two in Minnesota, and one in Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

Get ready to spend some of that change you saved when prices went down during the Spring and Summer.


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