A must-see on Facebook is garbage reviews in Belvidere.

Garbage On My Mind

Sometimes I think my brain works in mysterious ways. Maybe, that is why working on the radio is the perfect job for me. For example, I have been thinking about garbage lately. Sorry, I know that sounds weird.

With the nice weather, I have been taking walks around my neighborhood. Being outside in the fresh air helps make me more aware. I have noticed so many strange things.

First of all, have you ever paid attention to what people throw away? You could actually furnish a house with the items. Check out my whole theory, HERE.

Plus, unique liter ends up around the community. Like a plastic bag in a tree, HERE. How about a lost tire, HERE.

I guess I am not the only one.

Interest In Garbage

According to mystateline.com,

"Two best friends in Belvidere are creating a whole new meaning for the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” They will take what you throw out onto the curb and rate it. Known as the Curbside Ladies on Facebook."

Meet The Curbside Ladies

If you think there is nothing but trash on the internet, especially on social media, I have something you must-see on Facebook. It is garbage, literally.

They are known as the Curbside Ladies. Belvidere residents, Rhonda Trevino and Mae Williams are best friends and neighbors.

They came up with an awesome concept for a Facebook page. I really love their idea. On garbage night, they hit the streets to see what people put out on the curb. Then they give a review. I wish they did it in my neighborhood.

Check out their Facebook page, Curbside Ladies.

Take a look at a couple of their adventures...

Now, isn't that fun.

The ladies even have their own merchandise and slogan.

Photo From Belvidere Curbside Ladies Facebook Page
Photo From Belvidere Curbside Ladies Facebook Page
Photo From The Belvidere Curbside Ladies Facebook Page
Photo From The Belvidere Curbside Ladies Facebook Page

Give them a follow and like on Facebook.

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