A once a year worldwide scavenger hunt took place this past weekend.

If you were out and about, you may have even seen a few pieces of art in Rockford and the surrounding area.

Called "Game of Shrooms." an Easter Egg hunt-styled game created by an artist named Attaboy, tasks people all over the world to create and share their very own mushroom art collections and place them in public locations all over Earth.

Yum Factory:

Game of Shrooms is like an Easter Egg Hunt for art and celebrates the spirit of unexpected surprises. Started in 2019 by Attaboy. Artists and gatherers from Hong Kong, Berlin, Japan, the UK, India, Russia, Switzerland, the US, and many more participated in the worldwide event, creating a worldwide non-religious, no cost, personally interactive 'art show' of making and sharing, suspense and sometimes absolute freakin’ wonder.

As you can see, countries across the globe participated in a Game of Shrooms.

In Illinois, artists from Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria, and Springfield created mushroom art for the event.

For us in Rockford, there were four separate artists listed who created (and then hid) mushroom art around town.

Sweetpeekisses on Instagram hid four pieces of mushroom art at Edgebrook.

mossy_kitty_ on Instagram left a couple of crocheted mushrooms at a book bin in Rockford.

Ayebeecreations on Instagram hid 9 different pieces of mushroom art throughout Rockford including one at Rock Valley College.

sonny.beans on Instagram was listed on Yum Factory's map as having involvement but there's no mention of a drop in Rockford. However, you should check out their IG for some really interesting art.

Did you happen to find mushroom art in Rockford yesterday? Share your pics with us!

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