A question surrounding a potentially rare painting found in an Illinois home has been plaguing the internet for the past few days and it's quite the mystery. Naturally, the internet is freaking out trying to figure out if it is real or just another hoax.

The art in question focused on Amedeo Modigliani, who was a famous sculptor and painter from France who died when he was 35 in 1920. He was most recognized for his paintings.

Was an Original Modigliani Painting Found Inside a Home in Illinois?

Found behind drywall during the renovation of my brother's house; Illinois

That's the headline for Reddit user, u/FancyBoy54, in the sub r/oddlyterrifying, which is one of my personal favorite internet rabbit holes.


The standout reaction comes from this comment:

You're either a) loaded if that's a real Modigliani, or b) Pennywise is gonna clown you in the Rabbi's study.

First up, we had the voice of reason, "orthopod," who reminded everyone that the original Modigliani is chillin' at the Art Institute of Chicago. But then "army-of-Juan" drops a bomb and says the OP's (original poster) brother lives there! But "Deep-Pants" has the hookup and says the bro gets a yearly pass with all the perks, including discounted parking, early access to exhibits, and VIP badges for fancy events. Obviously, this is all for fun.

What Do Art Experts Say About This Potential Modigliani Artwork?

The art experts on Reddit stepped in, with "punkojosh" saying "fakes" are often made by artists' students who copied their style. "Xxrasierklinge7" agreed and said you can tell if it's real by looking at the texture. But "RebaKitten" wasn't convinced and said, "That's what they want you to think."

Some people thought this might be a case of theft, with Danny Ocean as the main suspect. But "byronbaybe" asked the real question: "Is it the original?" "m4rk19770007" added to the suspense with a cryptic, "Or is it?"

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Finally, Redditor "HLividum" summed it up with "Feels surreal if this one is real" and "SnackPocket" agreed with a simple, "Very Modigliani!" But the real winner here is "foundcashdoubt" who thinks it's the real deal, saying it's well preserved, fits the style, and might even be a self-portrait.

What is Modigliani art worth?

His art has been auctioned off for prices between $20 and 170,405,000, according to Mutual Arts. So the question is, will the OP strike it rich or get clowned by Pennywise in the Rabbi's study? Who knows, but we're all sitting here with popcorn, waiting to see what happens. Check out the comments and original post here.

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