Here's some good news. Some of the dogs that were involved in the Freeport hoarding case last March are up for adoption.

According to WREX News,Stephenson County Animal Services have ruled that 80 of 100 of the dogs recovered can be adopted.

However, there are few that have special needs and need special loving families to take them in.

Animals like Cheyanne the Husky that will need a leg amputation due to neglect from injury or birth defect. Also, the Jack Russell terrier, Aiden, has seizures and needs daily medication.

They also said there are several sets of dogs that have bonded together. They eat, sleep and play together and although they can be individually adopted they would like that the dogs be adopted out as a group.

If you love animals and have room for one or maybe one or two more click here to read more and get all the details in giving these dogs a second chance in a loving home.