As a pet owner, the thought of one of my beloved fur babies going missing is an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, this is a horror I have not had to experience, (KNOCK ON WOOD), but I know, if it did, I would never stop looking for them.

Sadly, this nightmare is exactly what Adam Smith of Freeport is living right now. His beloved dog Rhaegar went missing from his sitter's house on January 3, and Smith is on a desperate search to find him. Thankfully, the Freeport community is helping Smith on his search, and hopefully, you and I can now help him as well.

This is Rhaegar, isn't he adorable?!?

Lost Pets Stephenson County and Surrounding Areas via Facebook
Lost Pets Stephenson County and Surrounding Areas via Facebook


Here's one of the latest updates posted to the Lost Pets Stephenson County and Surrounding Area Facebook group yesterday said so we can all understand how extensive the search for Rhaegar is...

1/15 Rhaegar follow up:
First off I would like to say thank you to everyone who is helping in our search for Rhaegar and getting the word out, sharing posts, helping with the searches and offering suggestions.
A lot of people may have not read the updates and what is going on and keep saying things over and over of we should do this or we should do that , I just want to make it clear of all the things that we have already done and will continue to do:
1. We have been in contact with every vet and animal shelter in the area and even Rockford and Monroe.
2. We have put up flyers and posters everywhere some door-to-door in the area he was last seen and the Post Office has been notified as well.
3. The chip company a has also been notified that Rhaegar is missing.
4. We have put out blankets and scents of his owner's clothes to help Rhaegar get home.
5. We have notifed IL Lost Dogs and other orginaztions for assistance.
6. We have organized search parties as well and looked for him everyday.
7. We notified hunters/trackers/trappers in the area, who are assisting with cameras and other skills.
8. An article was put in the Journal Standard to get the word out to ppl who don't have social media.
9. We had friends with drones search the area.
We are doing everything possible to get Rhaegar home and we will continue to do so, we are not giving up.

Smith is offering a reward for the safe return of Rhaegar, so please, if you see him, call  815-291-2973 or 815-297-4466 immediately!

Here's a few more photos of Rhaegar to help in the search...

Lost Pets Stephenson County and surrounding areas via Facebook
Lost Pets Stephenson County and surrounding areas via Facebook
Lost Pets Stephenson County and surrounding areas.
Lost Pets Stephenson County and surrounding areas.


I sure hope sweet Rhaegar finds his way home soon. He is obviously very loved and incredibly missed!

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