I've always had a high respect for the boys in blue. They deal with the worst situations on a daily basis. They put their lives on the line to keep us all safe. After hearing some of the stories about what they go through and how dangerous their job is, its hard to understand how they can do that job for years on end and just keep moving forward through all of the bad and the good.

Chief Barkalow

Really, they do it because they care about the cities they live in and the people that live within it. Chief of police in Freeport, Todd Barkalow just announced he was retiring from the force. Todd has been with the Freeport Police Department for 26 years and climbed the ranks all the way up to chief. Barkalow ran a 48 officer department in Freeport. He is also responsible for establishing a Special Victim's Unit, the first of it's kind there in 2017.

When asked, Todd said "I am proud of the progress we have made to make Freeport safe, and perhaps more importantly, establish strong bonds with the community we are sworn to protect". Barkalow, age 57, will retire on August 2nd, and will be honored during the city council meeting on August 5th. Thank you for 26 years of service Chief Barkalow, you definitely helped to make Freeport a safer place for all

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