If you like free hot dogs, then you better hope the Chicago Bears make the playoffs this year.


Chicago Bears Fans Are Jumping Back On The Bandwagon

It only took one win to get the Chicago Bears fans back on the orange and blue kool-aid. The city didn't expect much and got a big surprise. Of course, it will still be a long season but this was a good start.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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Free Hot Dogs If The Chicago Bears Make The Playoffs

One of the biggest fans of the Bears, The Wieners Circle, is stepping up with their support. They will be giving away free hot dogs if Chicago makes the playoffs. If that isn't motivation, then I don't know what is.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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The Best Hot Dogs In Illinois

If you're looking for the best hot dogs in Illinois then you must try The Wieners Circle. They are known for their sense of humor. The staff has fun insulting the customers. Of course, it's all in fun. Wiener's Circle likes to use their sign to be funny too. For example, they changed their name on 420. Check it out, HERE.

How To Get The Free Hot Dogs From The Wieners Circle?

According to wgntv.com,

After the Bears took care of business Sunday in the season opener against the 49ers, one North Side institution is offering free hot dogs if they unexpectedly make the playoffs.


Free char dogs before the first playoff game, let’s do this!

For more info, HERE.

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